We had such a wonderful and busy weekend celebrating birthdays.  Yes, all three of my kids have birthdays within a month of each other.  On Friday, my sweet oldest princess turned 4. WebBirthdayGirl01

My dearest Hailey... You are such a light in our lives.  You made us a family.  You are the reason I started to take the camera seriously, and your beauty showed me what the art of a photograph can be.  You are a princess to the core and we battle to get you into jeans.  You are the best sister in the whole world, tolerating your brother's tormenting with grace and wisdom.  When we tell you it is okay to defend yourself- every time you look at us and say "but then I'D be the one in trouble!"... Wise little girl.  A little precocious, a lot cuddly and the most well mannered and loving child I have ever known- you bless me and your daddy in ways that you can't possibly understand in your youth.  We know that there is something beyond us and bigger than we are because you are such a gift.  How could something so wonderful and beautiful come from us?  Surly you are one of God's greatest masterpieces and a true gift.  He made you and your brother and sister extra special. You don't know a stranger in the world and have a heart for everyone.  Nothing warms my heart more than to see the natural compassion you and your brother have for people.  I thank God every day that I was allowed to keep you for a little while.

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