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If you have children, you know how quickly they grow.  The first couple of weeks after they arrive seem to drag as you adjust to less sleep and a new routine- then suddenly when it seems like you might lose your mind, they smile at you.  Then someone hits the fast forward button.  It gets faster with each child.  Teagan has grown so quickly.  We celebrated 7 weeks together yesterday.  SEVEN.  I feel like I was just at the hospital having her last week.  Of course, I feel the same way about my 4 year old- and my parents say they feel the same way about me.

It teaches me to value each day to the deepest extent.  I am blessed to be able to capture them often.  I wish that I had participated in a Belly-2-Baby or First Year plan with my oldest.  I have a million snapshots of her, but I wish we had gotten professional portraits every couple months for her.  My younger 2 kids just kind of fell into Belly-2-Baby, and I know that someday they will love to look back in their albums made just for them.  They change SO fast.  SO fast.

My children and husband are my heart.  I love them beyond what words can convey.

I had so much fun doing her 7 week pictures yesterday (yes, I do weekly portraits their first year-- they look different every day!)  I even made a flower clip to use in that pretty hair of hers- and it will be fun to use with little girls in the future.


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