I dream of being a scrapbooker.  I have all sorts of scrapping toys, tons of paper, books, tools, everything.  Often, the reason I don't get around to it is lack of time- but the real and largest problem is I take 100's of pictures and never get them printed!  I have such a hard time thinking about cutting up beautiful, high quality prints, even if it is to put into a beautiful book. 001

So when I stumbled upon Snapfish I was floored.  Not only do you get your first 50 4x6's free, but you have the option to print your photos Matte (pretty than glossy IMO).  I'm always a bit nervous about non professional printers, but when their box arrived, I was surprised to see that they were a very nice quality.  The color is good, and the paper quality is okay- better than a cheapie printing place, but not so nice that I will feel bad cutting them to fit into a scrapbook.   I will be using them on occasion for my day to day snapshots- and I recommend you give them a try for your home photos too!

002(That ouch on my daughter's nose is from when she broke it several months ago... that is her after it healed in the striped shirt next to her cousin-yay for skin that heals well!)

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