There is nothing more beautiful in all the world than the miracle of a newborn baby.  One of the greatest privileges as a photographer is to have the opportunity to capture birth.  To see the true strength of a woman, the love and support of her partner, the wonderment of siblings discovering that yes, indeed, mommy and daddy were telling the truth about having a baby, and the people who love all of them drawing near all recorded in still form is nothing short of amazing. I had the extreme honor of capturing the home birth of a fellow photographer (Who is wonderful at her craft I might add)- miss Stacey.  She was absolutely amazing, and I am still in awe of her strength.   She got to capture miss Teagan coming into the world as well, and as she grows older and older, the images become more and more precious to me.

If you have never heard of birth photography, or are interested in having your birth captured, please contact me.  It is a priceless thing to have.