Who says you can't make friends online?  While we were in Texas we visited my dear friend Andria- she had just had baby #3 (at home!  ROCK STAR!)- 9 pounds and 10 days early.  Can you imagine if he had cooked all the way?  I've delivered 9 pound babies- but I was numb from the chest down- so I am in awe of her strength. Andria and I met online almost 3 years ago.  Our boys are only a few months apart, and now our little ones will also be close in age.  This little one is a miracle baby- and you can feel love radiating for him as soon as you walk into the house.  We don't get to see each other often- but we are good friends and I am thankful for her.  It was an honor to capture some newborn images of her wonderful baby boy- and of her older son.  Even the puppy had to get in on the fun- although I wouldn't have suggested white for her- but she insisted that we take her picture.  I wish we could have convinced her daughter to let us capture her as well. Austin Newborn Blog Thank you Andria for allowing us to spend time with you and to snuggle your babies!