It was a beautiful, overcast day in Estes Park.  There were hints of snowflakes that would dot the sky on occasion- it created an almost snow-globe effect at Della Terra Mountain Chateau.  Chamonix was being pampered by her amazing bridesmaids, who's focus was solely on her happiness about her day and making her feel special and loved.  The danced and sang "You're getting married!" while helping her get ready.  Her maid of honor was not only standing next to her in the wedding- she kept the event organized, did makeup, and was the florist along with a million other things that probably went unnoticed but allowed Chamonix and Lucas's day to flow effortlessly. The men all relaxed in the theater room in the basement, drinking from their inscribed beer steins.  Everyone was joyful and excited for this day.  Chamonix and Lucas are beautifully matched, and the entire wedding party knew it.  Laughter filled the hallways of the Chateau- you couldn't help but smile.

Chamonix and Lucas, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and to capture your engagement and wedding.  You are an amazing couple and I am so excited for your new family!  Your wedding was the perfect introduction to weddings and I look forward to knowing you for years to come!


I love the way he looks at her...



Their vows were heartfelt and joyful.



Could their little flower girl be any cuter?  She was so good (So was the ring bearer!)- they stayed put the entire ceremony!


When they bustled Chamonix's dress- she gave me this look- and I giggle every single time I see it!


The first dance as a married couple.  Such a gorgeous bride!

Blog010Blog013Only mild naughtiness with the cake!