I love product.  LOVE. Getting to hold a piece of art that you have created in your own hands is a super special treat for me.  In fact, I struggle to hand things over to my wonderful clients.  I would gladly hang pictures of their families all over my house! Prints are special from Brink Street Photography.  We stand out from the crowd because ALL of our prints (Wallets not included of course) are mounted, delicately textured and coated with a protective spray to allow them to last generations.  Mounting a print not only gives it stability, but also lets you get rid of that silly piece of cardboard that is in the back of frames if you are framing you portraits yourself.    It also allows for you to display it without a frame.  So if you want to display a small print on your desk you can shake things up by getting a small stand instead of a frame!


Watch for more product posts over the next few days!  We have Canvas, Metal, and more!