I always look forward to senior sessions.  Especially girls who are gorgeous and don't even know it.  It is so wonderful to see them blossom through a session- watch them have just a touch more confidence- and stand a little taller.  I was an insanely awkward teenager, and as a result saw very little in myself that others saw in me.  Then my dad took my senior portraits (didn't know he was a photographer- did ya?)- and I saw something that I hadn't seen before.  I was growing out of awkward.  I was pretty!  I had a nice smile!  My monkey arms weren't really as primate-like as I had imagined.  I hope that the images I capture of these lovely young women will help them to see the beauty in themselves that they may have missed in the mirror.  Your parent's see it, and so does the rest of the world.  Shine, beautiful. Shahn- you are LOVELY!  It was a pleasure to spend part of your vacation with you- thank you for trusting me.  Can you believe her eyes???  About knocked my socks off!

High School Senior Blog

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park in Big Thompson Canyon outside of Loveland, CO is one of my favorite places to shoot.  There are beautiful trees, a river, a pond, and even a little playground!

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