I met Stacey by chance.  I was visiting a photography board, and there was a post from a photographer that needed a birth photographer.  I had only shot a couple of births previously- so the idea of shooting the birth of another photographer's baby was intimidating- but I sent her a message anyhow.  I figured that she would probably get lots of offers, but it didn't hurt to try!

Then she emailed.  Stacey was having a home birth.  I had never known anyone who had had a home birth.  More intimidation.  That sounded scary! I had had my first two babies in hospitals. But she told me about the light in their house.  And how beautiful it was to have her first at home, and it wasn't as scary to me anymore.  We decided to meet up- half hoping she would go into labor after we walked around.  I bring my camera everywhere.  Especially to places I know are pretty- like the Butterfly Pavilion.  And so I grabbed a few quick snaps of my daughter, her son, and her gorgeous belly.  I wish I had gotten more maternity style-- prettiest. belly. ever.

Denver Maternity Photographer

We emailed back and forth pretty much daily at that point- and I pretty much didn't sleep.  I kept checking my phone to make sure I didn't miss a text, call or email.  That was my worst fear- to sleep right through her birth!  I kept praying for daylight.  PLEASE let it be day.

A week passed- then I got an email.  "I'm contracting.  This might be it- I'll let you know".  Nervous butterflies.  I should be a midwife.  I love being at births.  Yes, there is a person in pain (been there, done that 3 times thankyouverymuch)- but it is a productive pain- a pain that brings the most amazing miracles into the world.  It's beautiful.  And amazing.  I love it.   Anyhow, I waited to hear from her again- I had an appointment with my midwife that morning, so I figured it would work out perfectly to go to the midwives office then head to see them.  When I talked to Stacey while I was at my appointment... I knew it was the real deal- she couldn't talk during contractions.

When I arrived Stacey looked gorgeous.  A woman in labor and stunning.  I was so jealous!  She had such a beautiful birth, and welcomed Amelia into the world at home.  In peace- with so much love.  It made me want to have home births.

Denver Birth Photographer

Perfect, alert, spectacular.  And I was there to capture it. IN COLOR!  Not a lot of births get to be in color.  The lights are usually too dim- so our photos- while beautiful, are grainy and grain is beautiful in black and white!

I was extra lucky and got to shoot some newborns of her as well!  She was so awake and aware of where her mommy went the whole time I was there.  Did I mention Perfect?  She  was and is!  And that picture of Stacey holding her to her tummy?  A WEEK after she had her!  You'd never know that she was ever pregnant.

Denver Newborn Photographer

Then it was my turn to add to our family.  And Stacey was there to capture Teagan's birth.  The photos are gorgeous- and I am so thankful she was there!

We got together just before Christmas... And here's that little princess almost 4 months old.  Couldn't you gobble her up??? I just could melt over all those rolls. Teagan was about 2 weeks old.  They were such different sizes- such a special picture of the two of them together.

Denver baby photographer

And now she's one.  Gorgeous, sweet, one.  I have been blessed to know you little miss Amelia!  Thank you Stacey for letting us be part of her first year.  She is a blessing as are you!

Denver Baby Photographer