When planning a session with a client, I always encourage them to bring items that make them "them".  Since I photograph so many children- lovies, blankies, binky's and other comfort creatures are part of those items.  Often- mom and dad want to leave this beloved possession behind- afraid it will ruin the picture.  I disagree.  Those are what make an image.  Your baby will be too big for those security items before you know it.  We aim to photograph you as you are NOW. Your little one can't leave the house without that superman cape around his shoulders?  Your princess must always have on her Sleeping Beauty heels?  Your sweet little baby needs her tigger or his taggy blanket ever dragging behind them?  Bring them to our session.  They are a part of your family too- no matter how threadbare, dirty, or worn they might be.  After all, what would the story be like without the Velveteen rabbit?

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