It was like we were at the running of the photographers the day we did this session.  There were at least 8 of us at this little mountain park.  Fortunately- all the photographers in the park were awesome sauce and we all stayed out of one another's way- almost like we had this silent "You go this way, I'll go that".  Yay for great photogs!

I don't think I have had so many beautiful people all in one session before.  Seriously- I was in photographer heaven.   I don't think any of them could look "bad" if they tried.  The coolest part?  Mom and Dad are celebrating 35 years of marriage- so the kids bought them this session as a surprise.  Heck yes!  What a cool gift!  Family pictures that not only showed how in love they still are- but pictures of all the kids too.

Thank you so much M Family for allowing me to capture your relationships.  I am honored to have met all of you.

Loveland Family Photographer