You know the best thing about turning one??

Loveland Baby Photographer

That you get your own birthday cake of course!!

I got to meet this little guy for the first time on Saturday- and I have to tell you- he is  stinking cute!  I walked into the house and he reached for me... talk about melting your heart.  He is only a few days younger than my youngest, and we have been looking forward to this session for a year.  He is a special, long awaited gift for his mommy and daddy- and I have been dying to meet him since the day he was born!  We tried to stay inside as long as we could, because it was COLD outside.  It was supposed to be close to 60* and it was only 30* +  wind chill!  BRRRRR!

Loveland Family Photographer

He had no fear with his cake.  It was about the funniest thing ever and we giggled the whole time he ate it.  One taste, and he realized his hands wouldn't do the job.  Only a mouth can handle such goodness!  After we made a delicious mess, a tubby was in order.  There's nothing quiet like being all shiny and clean after some tasty cake.

Loveland Birthday Photographer