I have to admit something.... I had to call my husband right after I met this gorgeous family to tell him just that.  It makes me absolutely giddy that I have such gorgeous clients- and what tops it all off is that they are just about the most wonderful people in the world.  I am so very glad that you chose me R family.  I had a great time playing and laughing with all of you.

The wind worked against us first thing in the morning.  We met at Red Rocks Amphitheater to start our morning session, and what was supposed to be a warm, sunny day, was a really chilly gusty one.  So we headed to our second location to start- crossing our fingers that the wind would die down.  Well, it was better at the second location, and we decided to play and let the kids warm up to me and the camera for a little while.  We had a plan to have little Mr. W hold some balloons since he just turned one.  Well....  We got him all set, tied the balloons to his belt loop, stepped away, and before I could snap 2 pictures, a gust of wind sucked all 10 balloons into the sky.  Bummer.  His big sister was crushed, and we were disappointed that it didn't work out.  So we are going to try balloons round 2 a little later this week!

Aren't they beautiful?

Denver Family Fun Photographer

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