I love babies.  In fact, my favorite things in the whole world happens to be babies (They qualify as babies for much longer in my brain than you'd think) .  And I can't help but snuggle and kiss and play with them.  I say WAY too many times how cute they are (Because my goodness- how can you not??).  I love a little something about every single age.  From the moment they are born they are so special.  Every moment they are around brings something new, amazing, and memorable.  I get all weepy thinking about it- because it is there and gone in a flash.  So every time I get to see a baby I relish in the little things that are there just for the moment.

This little cutey is 3 1/2 months old and about as sweet as they come.  She was about the happiest baby ever.  Even when she was spent from our shoot, she made one little whimper and was done.  What a blessing!  Could they be any more precious than she is?  I just wanted to squeeze her perfect little cheekies.  Even the kitty cat got in on the action and gave me eye contact.  We braved the chilly outdoors for a few minutes- with little miss A all bundled until just before we took a few pictures.  Such a trooper!

Fort Collins Baby Photographer