I'm not always great at expressing an experience in writing.   I can tell you though, that I have been more blessed by knowing this beautiful family in the last several weeks than I could have known.  The first time we talked on the phone it became a 20 minute conversation about how much we love our kids.  They are the kind of family that love each other so much that it makes you want to adopt a child, the kind of family that reminds you that love isn't decided on by the blood you share- but the bonds you share. I have always wanted to attend a scheduled c-section, but have always assumed that it would be a very stiff and sterile environment- different from the births I have attended in the past.  I was very mistaken.  There was so much joy in the room, such warmth- just like any other birth.  Smiles, anticipation, and tears.  The only difference is we knew what time this little one would arrive!  It was amazing- and SO cool to see the procedure.  Coolest part?  Little one's gender was a surprise!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing day.  Thank you for letting me spend a couple of days with your beautiful family.  I am so very blessed to know you all.

Denver Birth Photographer

Please note: This slideshow contains photographs from an actual c-section. Please use discretion when viewing

Good Birth 2010 from Kimberly Rodgers on Vimeo.