A few weeks ago, Hailey saw a photograph of a cancer patient about her age. Filled with questions, we spent the rest of the afternoon discussing why the little girl didn't have hair. It was emotional for me as I thought of what that little girl's parents must be going through, and it reminded me how thankful I am to have the health of my children. Hailey started talking about how she wished that she could share her hair with the little girl. Immediately, Locks of Love came to mind.  So we showed her the website and told her she COULD share her hair- if she wanted to. For the next couple of weeks she mulled it over.  It would mean her hair was "like Mommy's" (above her shoulder)- and her greatest fears were that she would either no longer be a princess, or that people wouldn't know who she was.  Part of me really wanted her to decide against it.  She asked pretty much everyone we came into contact with what they thought.  I think the image of that little girl really stuck with her.

Then on Tuesday, a couple of plumbers came over to fix a leak and she asked for their thoughts.  Both of them cheered her on- and told her that she would be a princess and gorgeous no matter how much hair she had (God bless them- they were amazing).  She asked if someone would give her hair if she was sick, to which I replied I would gladly give her all of my hair if that ever happened.

Then she looked at me and said "Mommy, lets get my hair cut today.  Let's get it cut today so that Santa can give a sick girl beautiful hair for Christmas".  Then I cried and made the appointment.  What a generous gift to give.  What a big girl decision to make.  I couldn't be prouder of her.  I will admit I really didn't want her to do it.  And I really REALLY had the impulse to try to talk her out of it.  But my attachment to her hair doesn't help anyone- and it will grow again.

Locks of love donation

So we did it.  She got her hair cut- and she looks darling.  She is proud of herself and absolutely thrilled that for the last 2 days there haven't been any tangles when we comb her hair.  It's the little things, right?

Denver child photographer

Hailey...  you have given a gift that I pray you never have need to receive back.  I am so proud of you- you already have an amazing heart and I love you dearly.