Newborns make me giddy.  Like, lets do a dance in the middle of a store giddy.  This little one was no different- and I fell in love the moment I got to snuggle him.  It's always hard for me after I leave a session- because even though we only spend a few hours together I miss those sweet little ones after I leave.  I'm so lucky to get to see them again when we have our in-home viewing sessions. It is so cool to capture a new family in their home.  The way they are comfortable in their own space, that everyone can relax, is one of my favorite things about traveling to people.  It's also exciting to capture them in their environment as it is now, knowing that it will change as time passes.  How cool is it that you can look back and see what your life was in that moment?  I absolutely love it.

Can you believe all that hair?  An amazing, happy, BEAUTIFUL baby.  Even though it took a while for him to fall asleep, he was happy the whole time.  I am truly blessed to have gotten to spend a few hours with him and his family.

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