I am always in awe of how amazing pregnant mom's look.  I know from experience that while you are in it, being inclined to feel sexy may not be the easiest thing in the world, but believe me, pregnancy is sexy!  You are full and curvy, your skin is glowing, heck, you are growing a person!  What better superpower is there?

I regret not getting maternity photos with my oldest.  The ONLY belly picture I have is of me in the hospital bed when I was about to have her.  I had gained 54lbs, had stretchmarks everywhere and felt generally yucky about myself.  I wish I could have seen myself from the outside.  Don't be afraid to get maternity photos.  You are stunning.

Denver Maternity Photographer

Can you believe what a perfect belly she has?  I get to shoot the prettiest mommies!  Her little guy is set to be born on Sunday.  He decided being breech was the way to go.  Little turkey!

Congratulations you guys!  I can't wait to meet your new addition!

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