I get asked a LOT for ideas for what to wear for a family session.  The one thing I have to emphatically insist is that you DO NOT match! COORDINATE!  Unless you dress the in the same outfits every day of the year, I don't want you to match in pictures.  I want to capture you, just kicked up a notch.  I'm a T-shirt and jeans kind of gal.  So for pictures, unless we are going dressier, I wear jeans.  But instead of just a day to day t-shirt, I go get a fancy (AKA nicer than a t-shirt but still cotton and comfy) shirt, rock out some jewelry, and toss on some boots instead of my day-to-day slip ons.

If you love skirts, wear that!  Dress your kids up in something that is THEM, not matching, but tying it all together.  Pick a common thread.  Love pink?  Have pink thread through your outfits.  Your girls in dresses with pink flowers, your boys with pink ties or suspenders.  You could wear a cream colored top, and a pink necklace and heels- your hubby with a pink tie or shirt. Speaking of ties and all things amazingly adorable.... go check out The Belle and The Beau ... painfully cute.

I wanted to include a few ideas of what I mean.  These are courtesy of Inspire Me Baby, but if you like ideas on what to wear, leave a comment and I will start putting together ideas every week.


I can't wait to see you as things get green!  Spring is a fantastic time to have family portraits.