I know I say it a lot, but I love my job.  I love that I am chosen, from so many talented photographers, to share people's lives.  There is no higher honor than that.  I love that the people I shoot let me be a part of their family for a few hours of their life.

Remember the gorgeous maternity's from March?  Well the little guy decided he didn't want to turn over!  That's right- he decided to be breech.  The difficult decision was made to schedule a c-section for his arrival, since he had zero intention of flipping over.  The hospital has a strict 1-person-only policy for c-sections, so both of us were worried that the birth wouldn't be captured the way we had hoped.  So Nicole asked her doctor and the hospital if I could be in the room.  What's the worst they could say?  We didn't even know for certain what the answer was until just minutes before the surgery- I think that the anesthesiologist was worried that I wouldn't be considerate of a medical procedure. (Note to photographers- make sure you let medical staff know that you will stay out of the way and only in the spaces they designate as appropriate.  It goes a REALLY long way to be respectful)

With C-Sections, everything moves pretty quickly.  It's really amazing to watch.  And then.... They arrive.  I have a mask on to hide my tears.  Babies coming in to the world... I can't help but be overjoyed.  Especially for families whom I have grown to know and love.  Daddy's first glimpse, Mommy's.  Together those first moments- I wish I had adequate words.


When everything settled down, big brother got to meet baby brother.  When they are so little- like mine, these two kiddos are a little less than 2 years apart- the older kids don't know what to think of Mommy being strapped in to a bed.  I'm sure all of those cords are scary.

Denver Birth Photographer

Oh- and you were SERIOUS about a baby in your tummy?  WHAAAAT do you mean we get to keep him?

Stapleton Birth Photographer

Then love.

The slideshow contains images from a real medical procedure.  Please use discretion when viewing.

Redmond Birth 2011 from Kimberly Rodgers on Vimeo.

Welcome to the world little one.  We are all so glad you are here.  Congratulations Redmond family!  Nicole, you are so brave and strong.

I am so honored to have been part of your day.  Thank you again and again.