I don't post a lot about us.  I admit, it's because often, things just get set on the back burner.  I put other people's images first- which is not at all a bad thing, but I have ignored my own.  I took advantage of a snapfish deal last week (Their quality is NOT good, but might be decent enough for scrapbooks)- and I struggled to find 365 images that had been touched of my kids.  I have over 4000- and I haven't even touched 300?  It was then I had a moment of realizing that they don't have to be "Hangers" to be edited.  I need to go through and not even edit, but switch these images to JPEG of my kids that are not things that I normally want to share.  Pictures of them covered in dirt just wearing a t-shirt, them playing in their toy-strewn playroom, pictures of their hair all wonky and remnants of lunch on their little cheeks.   Then I need to print them.  Print them and scrapbook them, print them, and even if I just toss them in to a little slip in album have them somewhere to share.  Heck, I should just make a "Moments in between" album- a year of imperfection.  Unbrushed hair, first lost teeth, first pigtails, messy toy rooms.

You see, I'm nuts about my family.  Absolutely in love with them.  And when I have a spare moment, I spend it with them. But I will try to be better about sharing more of me, of us.  I am so blessed to get to know so many of you- I should let you get to know me too!

So lots of firsts this week in the house.  Hailey lost her first tooth (I cried.  In fact, I'm still a mess about it.  It's evidence that my baby is growing up too fast)

webFirst Tooth

Noah had his first barber shop haircut.  We usually take him to the places where they get to eat lollipops and watch movies while they get their haircut, but instead he sat in a big boy chair and held still the whole time.  I'm so proud of him!  This is him with his Papa- who he loves like crazy!


And Teagan had her first real pigtails.


So I am going to try to be better about doing maybe a "Mine on Monday" or something.  You get to know us, and I have a really great reason to edit some of our pictures!