Or at least a buckle fracture.  Tibia and Fibula.


Our sweet little Teagan broke her leg this week.  No major or dramatic story, just landing wrong stepping off a toy.  It's crazy how that can happen, isn't it?  They can tumble and fall in ways that you are just certain they are broken- and they dust themselves off and keep running.  But sometimes just the tiniest thing and a bone breaks. She has been such a trooper this whole adventure- and didn't even cry when they were poking on her.  She just glared at them until I scooped her up.  Then the tears came.  She is amazing.  We just keep laughing when the medical staff says she's tough.  She has to be!  She's number 3 with an older sister who loves to dress her up and a brother who LOVE to wrestle with her.


She's LOVING all the attention, even though the fact that she can't run is making her crazy.  She's crawling around like a mad woman though, and they gave her a walking shoe so that she can get back to walking soon.  That also meant she got her very first sneakers yesterday (to balance the height of the cast) and she got to pick which ones she wanted- so she picked the brightest, most glittery, busiest ones they had.  AND they match her cast.  Teagan, you're a hoot.  Best part about the cast though?  We can get it wet!  They have an option for water-friendly casts now.  Talk about making mommy's life easier.  Do you remember wrapping casts in garbage bags and putting bands around the top super tight so that water wouldn't get in?  And forget water fun in the summer with a cast.  I'm so thankful for this option!  Keeping a toddler dry in the summer is nearly impossible.  And baths?  Oh am I glad we can give her baths!


I'm challenging myself to take a photo a day during this month of her in a cast.  just for fun- and because *hopefully* this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing.