It's been a whirlwind month here.  We had a trip to Texas, tons of beautiful sessions and a wonderful wedding (lots of blog posts coming soon), we had Teagan's injury, and we had a scary health scare with my grandmother that we care for.  She is mostly better now, but adjusting to our new normal has slowed me down a bit.  We had planned to start homeschool this week, but with everything we are holding off until August 1st.  I cannot WAIT to share our adventures in homeschooling.  We are so excited and nervous and and and.  I'm seeing all the school supplies popping up at Target and I am getting giddy.  I get to make our own school supply list.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets as excited about school supplies as I do about Christmas gifts.... Anyone?

I am so thrilled that I got to spend the evening with these beautiful kiddos last month.  They are so fun.  Little 18-24 month olds are a blast to capture because there is lots of chasing and making goofy noises and shooting fast.  They are anxious to explore the world around them.  No posing or pressure, just fun.  Sweet little girls are fun for a whole other reason.  They pose, they smile, they want to help- I love it.  It's a great combo.

Cherry Hills Village Child Photorapher