This is a BIG blog post.  Lots of pictures.  Why? Because I could NOT decide what to share.  In fact, this is less than I originally planned to share, but I don't want to eat up the whole internet with pictures, so here you go!

I'm going to start by saying... Texas is hot.  Really hot.  Especially for this Colorado girl. However, for Joe and Marian I would have braved a lot warmer weather.

For anyone who is an Aggie, or knows an Aggie, you should know who that adorable little doggy is down there.

Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Marian, you are stunning.

Denver Wedding Photographer

On our way down the stairs her dad was waiting to see her.  It was such a special moment.  ^

Because they wanted to wait until the ceremony to see one another, we did something a little different instead of a first look.  They touched, around a corner.  I was giddy.  Like a high school cheer leader.

Della Terra Wedding Photographer

The groomsmen were a hoot.  No lack of laughter on that side of the fence.  And I shouldn't complain about the heat- they were the ones in the suits!  (They all looked fabulous)

Cherry Hills Village Wedding Photographer

Joe, I love how much you love Marian.  My favorite part of ever wedding is to look at the groom as everyone watches the bride come down the isle.  And you, my friend? Touched my heart.  I am so happy for both of you.

Estes Park Wedding Photographer

They got married just before sunset.  Can you say "Hello, AMAZING light"?

Loveland Colorado Wedding Photographer

Congratulations Joe and Marian.  I am so happy for you and I hope that the years bring you more joy and love than you can imagine.

Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer

Location: The Taylor Mansion (in Taylor, TX)

Photography: Brink Street Photography

Videography: Johnny Gadget Films

Cake & Catering: The Taylor Mansion