Birthdays are a big deal at our house.  We usually make several days out of it-  why not?  It only happens once a year, and what more is there to celebrate than the lives of people you love?  Chris happens to be a lucky duck and his birthday almost always falls on Memorial day weekend.  Which means extra celebrating!  We had a great day as a family- and even did a little photoshoot with him and the kids (we are getting family pictures soon... I know, I am SO bad about being in pictures!)  Then my AMAZING aunt came over in the evening and we got to go on a date. I started editing these photos, and I just fell in love with these.  These kids are nuts about their dad.  I mean, who wouldn't be- he's wonderful.  I even shot a roll in film.  They are getting processed today and I cannot WAIT to see them.  Did I mention we are adding film here at Brink Street?  Digital is cool and all, but there is something so special about film that you just can't achieve with digital (Plus I LOVE the sounds film cameras make...)  Anyhow- watch  out for some sneaks that include film scans.  I'm so so so excited!

Denver Family Photographer

Parker Family Photographer

P.S.  Mini sessions are coming in October!!  We have amazing goodies that will be just for these sessions- don't miss it!