I think when parents come to a session, they envision all other families children behaving perfectly through a session (I know I STILL do that with my kids!)  Doesn't happen.  With ANY family.  We are having fun, so kids are prone to extra silliness, maybe a little defiance, and sometimes we have random spurts of stinky attitudes.  But we still have fun.  And we still get amazing moments of every family. No matter how many times I try to capture my own kiddos, I struggle to remember this with them.  With other kids, I take a pretty laid back approach, and let them get their sillies out, because this isn't just about taking pictures, it's about making fun memories too.  I'm not above bribery and ridiculous amounts of making a fool of myself to achieve it either!

I've known the S family for over 5 years.  And through a small world, they have known my extended family even longer.  It's always special doing portraits of friends.  I love their family, and really enjoyed playing with them and getting a chance to capture their real personalities.  My heart swells while I'm editing these.  Bear Creek Lake Park was stunning. Silly faces and laughter, love and joy.  Thanks for letting spend some time with you S family.  I love you guys!

Denver Family Photography

Denver Family Photographer