Holy moly a month passes quickly!  Here we are in December.  Wow.

It was harder to pick only 8 images this month.  We had a lot of birthdays we attended, and that means spending lots of time behind the camera with family around. We had Karate belt testing and crazy hair day.  It was a good month for pictures of our life.

Impressions Blog Circle Denver Portrait Photographer

My niece was pretty upset about something- leave it to aunt Kimmie to be so silly that she had to smile despite trying her hardest not to. Heeheehee....

November Impressions Blog Circle

This was a big belt test this month.  Hailey moved from Orange to Purple, and rocked it.  She broke that board like it was her first board.  Noah earned his white belt- and broke the board before any of the teachers were ready!  (Thank you to my hubby for capturing that kick while I was tending to our oh-so-busy toddler)

Crazy Hair Day Impressions Circle

Finally, Crazy hair day.  Because I cannot simply add color to Hailey's hair or make silly braids.  We have to go over the top.  Noah's is hard to see, but there are dinos in his hair, along with a volcanic island on top of his head.  Teagan was not to be left out- so we added some lovely rainbow streaks to her hair.

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