Gosh this last month flew.  It was yet another month of me being guilty of not using the big camera for my personal images- but I did take a lot of iphone pictures (I got a new phone for my birthday!).  My goal for this coming summer is to use the camera more with the kids.  I think they've had enough of a break from it- don't you??

April was wonderful- We celebrated my birthday and Easter, saw my hubby's mom for the first time in a long long time, Sam started potty training on his own (can I get a double yay for that one?!), and the kids learned how to mow the lawn!

When you're done here, head over to Lena's Blog.  She went on vacation and is sharing her pictures!  I can't wait to see them!

IMG_7451 IMG_7488 IMG_7495 IMG_7505 IMG_7516 IMG_7532 IMG_7592 IMG_7616