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Doug & Kristi | Loveland Wedding Photographer


In June I had the honor of photographing Doug and Kristi's wedding. It was so special, as I have went to school with  Kristi and a couple of her bridesmaids since we were 8 years old!  Pretty special to reconnect as their wedding photographer.   


So many details were thought of, and they strayed from tradition in little ways to make their wedding day entirely their own. 




2015 Denver Mini Boudoir Sessions | Denver Boudoir Photographer


Annual boudoir mini sessions are here! Just in time for your anniversary or Father's day, or just because.

A gorgeous hotel setting in downtown Denver, Colorado, 1 hour of photography, professional hair and make-up, a consult to decide what you should wear, and your choice of a sleek custom album or 10 digital images for only $375.

Ready to book??  Here’s what you need to do!

1. Email me or call me 970-227-4927 to request your spot!

2. Put $25 down to save your space (Paypal, check, cash, and credit cards are all options)

Not sure if you're ready?

1. Go to the mirror and tell yourself you are perfect, glorious, and SO worth it!

2. Go back to the mirror and say "My body is the PERFECT body for this"

3. Rinse, repeat.

4. Email me or call me 970-227-4927 to request your spot!

5. Put $25 down to save your space (Paypal, check, cash, and credit cards are all options)







Camron and Jacquie | Denver Wedding Photographer

This wedding was really special for me to get to capture.  I've known Camron for over 10 years, and he was part of the reason that I met my hubby!

It was such a special day. I am so honored and blessed to have been part of it.

Denver Wedding Photography

Their little girl was such a very special part of their day.  Jacquie and Miss Eden had their own little ceremony during the wedding.  I'm glad I had tissues.

Denver Wedding Photographer

(I'm a sucker for emotional groom shots ^)

Tapestry House Wedding Photographer

Tapestry House Wedding Photography


Thank you for letting me be part of your day.

Wedding Location: The Tapestry House in Laporte Colorado

Cake by: Above Parr Creations



{Joe & Marian} | Wedding Photographer

This is a BIG blog post.  Lots of pictures.  Why? Because I could NOT decide what to share.  In fact, this is less than I originally planned to share, but I don't want to eat up the whole internet with pictures, so here you go!

I'm going to start by saying... Texas is hot.  Really hot.  Especially for this Colorado girl. However, for Joe and Marian I would have braved a lot warmer weather.

For anyone who is an Aggie, or knows an Aggie, you should know who that adorable little doggy is down there.

Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Marian, you are stunning.

Denver Wedding Photographer

On our way down the stairs her dad was waiting to see her.  It was such a special moment.  ^

Because they wanted to wait until the ceremony to see one another, we did something a little different instead of a first look.  They touched, around a corner.  I was giddy.  Like a high school cheer leader.

Della Terra Wedding Photographer

The groomsmen were a hoot.  No lack of laughter on that side of the fence.  And I shouldn't complain about the heat- they were the ones in the suits!  (They all looked fabulous)

Cherry Hills Village Wedding Photographer

Joe, I love how much you love Marian.  My favorite part of ever wedding is to look at the groom as everyone watches the bride come down the isle.  And you, my friend? Touched my heart.  I am so happy for both of you.

Estes Park Wedding Photographer

They got married just before sunset.  Can you say "Hello, AMAZING light"?

Loveland Colorado Wedding Photographer

Congratulations Joe and Marian.  I am so happy for you and I hope that the years bring you more joy and love than you can imagine.

Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer

Location: The Taylor Mansion (in Taylor, TX)

Photography: Brink Street Photography

Videography: Johnny Gadget Films

Cake & Catering: The Taylor Mansion



{Chris & Esther} | Colorado Wedding Photographer

I'm the oldest of 5 kids.  Yep- 5.  So naturally when one of my younger siblings does anything grown up like, I dunno, get married.... I feel a little old.  And overjoyed, and sad, and in denial. They are still only middle school age in my mind!

Congratulations Buddy and Esther.  I love you both tons and I am so happy for you!

Loveland Wedding Photographer






{Jason & Ellen 12.30.11} | Loveland Wedding Photographer

I don't take many weddings each year- so each couple I get to spend time with is extra special to me.  Ellen and Jason are so in love, and I walked away from this session feeling so happy from simply spending time with them.  What a beautiful couple they are- I can't wait to get to know them and be part of their very very special day. Ellen... You're stunning!


We laughed a lot that day... even though we were all freezing!

Loveland Wedding Photographer

Loveland Engagement Photographer


Jason, I love how much you love her- I love how you crack her up too!



Thank you both so much!



Happy Birthday to Brink Street Photography! | Denver Stapleton Newborn Photographer

Photographer Blog Giveaway

Another amazing year has FLOWN by for us (I just realized last week that it was our second birthday- holy smokes that went fast!) and we are celebrating by giving away some fun goodies for my fellow photographers and my amazing clients!

I am so very blessed to have had so much support and love, and the least I can do is give away a few things to help someone else grow their business.  The people growing into this industry are some of the most giving, wonderful people I know.

So here's how you can enter to win this little goody bundle (there are 3 ways, so 3 separate comments)

1. Go "like" the Brink Street Photography fan page.  Come back here and leave a comment letting us know you liked the page. (You don't have to be a new fan.  If you already like Brink Street, just leave a comment that you already like us!)

2. Share about the giveaway with your friends!  Leave a separate comment so we can count it! (You don't have to have a website either- FB will do!)

3. Tweet about the give away "I just entered to win a newborn goody bag @brinkstreet on" (You can follow us too @brinkstreet) and leave another comment!

Photographer Blog Giveaway Prizes

YAY!  Are you excited?  I am!  And my dearest clients or to be clients, there are some great things coming your way too (Including a chance to win A mini session or some of the yummiest cupcakes in the WORLD)

You have until Saturday, April 2nd 11:59pm MST to enter, winner will be announced Sunday April 3rd.  Good luck everyone- thank you for helping me celebrate!



Model Casting Call | Colorado and Texas Photographer


We are always excited to try new ideas- and this spring we have TONS of fun ideas!

Models for our casting call have their session fee waived ($150 value) but still receive all the services included in a regular session, including a welcome packet, a full session, and an in-home ordering session.

Fit the description of who we are looking for?  Know someone who does?  Please feel free to share this on your facebook or with your friends!  Any share is appreciated, and if you are a client you will be rewarded for your referral!

If you live in Texas and fit the description, we will be in your neck of the woods in June, so please don't hesitate to inquire!



Della Terra Wedding : Chamonix & Lucas | Estes Park Wedding Photographer

It was a beautiful, overcast day in Estes Park.  There were hints of snowflakes that would dot the sky on occasion- it created an almost snow-globe effect at Della Terra Mountain Chateau.  Chamonix was being pampered by her amazing bridesmaids, who's focus was solely on her happiness about her day and making her feel special and loved.  The danced and sang "You're getting married!" while helping her get ready.  Her maid of honor was not only standing next to her in the wedding- she kept the event organized, did makeup, and was the florist along with a million other things that probably went unnoticed but allowed Chamonix and Lucas's day to flow effortlessly. The men all relaxed in the theater room in the basement, drinking from their inscribed beer steins.  Everyone was joyful and excited for this day.  Chamonix and Lucas are beautifully matched, and the entire wedding party knew it.  Laughter filled the hallways of the Chateau- you couldn't help but smile.

Chamonix and Lucas, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and to capture your engagement and wedding.  You are an amazing couple and I am so excited for your new family!  Your wedding was the perfect introduction to weddings and I look forward to knowing you for years to come!


I love the way he looks at her...



Their vows were heartfelt and joyful.



Could their little flower girl be any cuter?  She was so good (So was the ring bearer!)- they stayed put the entire ceremony!


When they bustled Chamonix's dress- she gave me this look- and I giggle every single time I see it!


The first dance as a married couple.  Such a gorgeous bride!

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