In July we visited Texas, and my kids saw the ocean for the first time in their lives. We only spent a few hours on the beach, but it made me long for a place that had both our stunning mountains and the ocean. There is something so... "home" about the salty water. 

My son took a photo of my hubby and I at Texas A&M under Century tree. Pretty special- and I see his future involving shooting with me someday. 


Little Miss also turned 1 in July.  I love doing cake smashes for my kids, because it tells us a lot about their personality. She politely tasted her frosting, but have very minimal interest in "smashing" her cake. It will be fun to see how that plays out for her. Our 3 year old only would eat his cake with a fork, and he is the tidiest of our kids already. 

Because her birthday is on 7-11, we had to get her a slurpee from the store 7-11 just for fun with her birthday buddy. Kind of a neat little tradition to start.

My family also attended a wedding I shot- so... of course I had lots of extras of them for my own personal stash ;)

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