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Baby Stetson | Evergreen Colorado Family Newborn Photographer

Little Mr. Stetson was on oxygen when we did his newborn photos.  Living in Evergreen and being a little early made it so he needed a little help to breathe well at the high elevation, but he did great during our session.  We kept his oxygen on while we got ready for posing, and then pulled it for a few shots, and put it back on.  


I think my favorite thing in the whole world, be it in the hospital when they are just born, or those first days at home, is older siblings getting familiar with their new baby.  They are filled with curiosity and trying to figure out how this new little buddy fits in their life.  Most kiddos say "Why can't s/he play yet?  How much longer until they play??" and are totally in love. Some kids realize baby mostly sleeps and decidedly ignore them until they at least start to smile (totally normal).  This sweet pea adores her new baby and wanted to tell him about everything in the world.


Baby brother needing a nursing break equals special time for me and big sister to take photos.  We got to read books and she showed me her *gorgeous* bedroom, and I might have let her jump on the bed for a minute.