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Chloe | Lone Tree Colorado Newborn Photographer

Last time I had the honor of photographing a newborn for this family, I was 8 months pregnant with Harper, and here we are again with their precious second baby.  I am so honored they let me visit their Lone Tree home and capture their family growing again. Their little ones are about 22 months apart- I love that gap. It's neat to see so many of my Colorado families increasing in size.


She was about 9 pounds of delicious baby perfection, and was a complete angel during our session.  Typically is takes babies about 45 minutes to completely relax and fall into a deep sleep, but she was there within 5 minutes.  Gold star for baby Chloe!

Nursing breaks equal sibling photos for me.  I really love the 2-3 year old ages, and how they're so naturally curious.  I just followed him while his mommy fed his newborn sister- I got to see his super awesome bedroom and his crazy cool toys.  He even showed me his favorite books!

I'm sure I've written about this before, but one of the biggest challenges with young siblings and portraits with their newborn baby, is keeping both parties 100% safe.  Some siblings are SOOOOOO in love that you have to makes sure they don't hug the baby too hard during their photos, others are scared to touch baby, and others are just too wiggly in their adorable little bodies to stay put for photos.  Lucky for me I have some tricks up my sleeves!  Cam was so good to his sister though- and Mickey Mouse helped us hold still for a few frames. 

As always, I adore family images. I love seeing them connect with each other.  I love the way love pours out of all of them and into one another. The way newborn babies are immediately loved so deeply, and the way toddlers are loved just as deeply but with the added enjoyment of their fantastic personalities, and so on.  I feel blessed to get to capture such intimate moments. These are the moments I want them to remember.  



Newborn Cam | Denver Colorado Newborn Photography

As newborn photographers, we take even the slightest sniffle seriously.  So when my friend and fellow photographer Michelle got sick, she decided it was safest to refer out her newborn client.  I feel so blessed that she chose to send my name to this amazing family.  Thank you Michelle!  

Baby Cam was so alert and watched me really really carefully during the beginning of our session.  Little thinker!  He didn't want to miss a thing (I have to admit I love when they are awake for a little while).  


I'm sentimental, and so the details of their littleness tugs at my heart strings.  Toes, fingers, their little profile... It changes so quickly. 


Cam preferred the super soft faux furs that I shoot on over the smooth blankets.  He made sure we knew it by making sure those blankets were wet quickly! ;) I can't blame him though- I would snuggle up in them too if I had the chance!  His mommy and daddy met at Notre Dame before they eventually moved to Denver, so of course we had to honor that with the special hat they were given at their shower.  I can't wait until it fits him! 


And of course, my favorite part, families connecting.  Aren't they beautiful?  I hope Cam will always know when he sees these photos, how very very deeply he was loved by his mommy and daddy from even before he was born. 

Thank you P family, for allowing me to capture such a special moment in your life.  I am so honored.