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2014 Fall Mini Sessions | Denver Family Photographer

I loved so many images from mini sessions this year... so get ready... this is a 2 part post!  Thank you to all of my families who trust me with their precious images- you honor me. New families, and those I have watched grow for years, thank you for coming to see me this year.









Impressions Blog Circle | July & August edition | Denver Portrait Photographer


It's Impression blog circle time!  When you're done here, please visit Natalie to see what the last 2 months have brought her.

I've (as usual) been rather lack-luster about blogging.  So here we are in September, and I still haven't blogged about our newest addition, Harper!  She arrived in July and absolutely lights up our life.  I was hoping this post would be her birth story, but that will come soon.  We had quite the adventure for her coming earthside.  I can't wait to share it with you along with the images and video my dear friend Sarah captured for us.  Prepare yourself for a bit of photo overload... I had a hard time narrowing it down!  Here are a few of our first 2 months together  (she's going to be 2 months tomorrow!!  Holy moly!) If you want to see more of our day, follow me on Instagram @brinkstreet

Newborns look so wise to me.  I believe they know something we don't when they are that fresh.  She is so deeply loved.  Her brothers studied her for hours.  Also, am I the only baby foot junky?  The deep wrinkles just make me swoon. HarperBlog1

Some of the newborn images I took of her and her siblings.  Sam had photos with her when our wonderful friend Cristine came to take photos!  (Another blog post for sharing!)


Then suddenly, she was a month old.  Teagan is insane about her. She isn't sure how she feels about Teagan ;)


Here she is at 7 weeks.  Hopefully it won't take me 2 months to share more for you!




Impressions Blog Circle | December Edition | Denver Family Photographer

December was a very busy month. So busy that 99% of my personal pictures are still sitting on a card in my office. I'm 3 short, bt here's a little tiny bit of our month. We had a beautiful Christmas, including our youngest upgrading to a toddler bed (that's been an adventure!). Then on the 26th, my February birth clients called to tell me her water broke. 6 weeks early, but 5 pounds, 6 ounces, and breathing room air- he was ready to meet the world! He has a few weeks in the NICU ahead of him as he learns how to eat, but I feel so blessed to have spent the end of the year getting to know him and his family. image image image image image

Go visit Lena to see what she captured this month!



Lorenzo {6 Weeks New} | Lone Tree Baby Photographer

Not all new babies I see are in the 10 day window.  Sometimes they are a little older.  While it's harder to get them bendy and in newborn positions for portraits, my favorite thing is that they have started making connections. They make eye contact with the camera more often, they look at their mommy with pure adoration, they trust their daddy will hold them tight.  It is pretty amazing to watch their little souls blossom in the 1-3 month ages.

Little Lorenzo was a dream to photograph.  Isn't he a gorgeous baby?!? He was happy as can be while we took pictures, and even was happy through a few outfit changes!  I love the way he looked at his mommy- and I loved how much love poured out for him.  What a lucky little man to be so desperately loved.

Lone Tree Newborn Photography



Axel Birth and Homecoming | Denver Birth Photographer

Shannon and I had been emailing back and forth a lot since she was a few days over her EDD.  Her first two labors had both been 18 hours, the first ending in a c-section, the second in 3 hours of pushing.  We were preparing ourselves for another long birth, and hoping it would be soon!

I got "the call" at about 3 am that her water had broken. I was still groggy, so I forgot to ask if she was having contractions yet, and almost went back to sleep.  I am so glad I decided to get up and shower because less than 30 minutes later they were headed to the hospital. One of the nice things about where I am is it takes me less than 10 minutes to get to the hospital where she delivered.  Shannon was in the tub when I arrived.  Her strength through her intense contractions was incredible.  I am always moved by how amazing women in labor are. The nurses noticed that Shannon was starting to push a little and encouraged her out of the tub (which was getting a little chilly) so they could check her.

The nurses and midwife were so gentle and patient.  They didn't rush her and let her be in whatever position was most comfortable.  After only 2 hours, she was pushing- although a bit in shock because it was so fast!

At 5:30am, just a few short hours after her very first contraction, Axel was born.

Denver Birth Photography

His daddy happens to be a Respiratory Therapist in the NICU at the hospital where she delivered, and he pretty quickly noticed that their little man was struggling to get a good breath.  The nurses let Rob basically do his job- what a blessing to have the ability to still have a parent being the caregiver!  Axel's O2 saturation was really, really low every time he didn't have oxygen on, so they decided to transport him to the NICU.  It was discovered later that day that he had Pneumonia, so he had to stay for several days.  I went back that evening to take some photos of him with his mommy in the NICU.  It's part of his story, and I feel it is important that even if a birth doesn't go exactly as planned, that we capture all of it.

Denver Birth PhotographerColorado Birth Photographer

Since his big sister and big brother weren't allowed in the NICU, we planned to do a homecoming session.  My very favorite part of births (next to baby being born of course) is when the family meets for the very first time.  I arrived a few minutes before brother woke up from nap and sister came home from school.  What a precious way to meet your baby.  They both stared and just drank him in- and I was blessed enough to be there. Both of their eyes sparkled with wonder and love.

If a delivery doesn't go as planned- or if birth isn't what you would like captured, but instead these precious moments- please know that I offer this as an option.  Also know I may cry, because of all the love in the room.  Because it's a lot.  And it makes me happy cry. Have I mentioned how blessed I feel to get to capture these moments?!?

Denver Newborn PhotographerDenver Birth and Newborn Photographer

Thank you C family for trusting me to capture your family as it grows.  I have loved growing to know you all.



You are lovely | Denver photographer

I was discussing with another photographer recently how hard it is sometimes to get a new mom in front of the camera right after their baby was born. They are tired, perhaps anxious, and not feeling their prettiest. The fullness from the few weeks prior that made them glow so abundantly from within is now nestled in their arms, and they think the glow is gone. Some feel they never glowed to begin with. Believe me, I understand. I've been there 4 times.

When I was pregnant with our oldest daughter, I was told by a medical intern that I should eat a cheeseburger every day. I was 21 years old, and at 17 weeks along had gained a pound (eating healthy and staying active, not for any other reason than that).  Not knowing any better, I listened. I gained 54 pounds in 20 weeks.  I wouldn't let anyone take a single photo of me- I was embarrassed  by how much weight I had gained, the stretch marks that had exploded all over my body- I wanted to hold our daughter and forget becoming so large. Then, when I was 37 weeks, my lips started to tingle. I went to see my chiropractor and he assumed it was a pinched nerve. However, it got worse. i started to lose function in the left side of my face. I called the doctor's office, and the nurse told me to call 911, as she suspected that I had had a stroke. I called my dad instead. I just had a feeling it was something else. He gave me a ride to the ER where I continued to lose feeling and eventually the ability to blink.

After PET and CT scans, as well as a hospital stay for observation, I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy.  Fortunately, the paralyzation that comes with it is typically temporary.  I felt like I had lost a limb.  I grieved.  I cried because I drooled,  had to help my eye blink, and I had to tape my eye shut at night. I was terrified my baby wouldn't learn how to smile because when she was born, she wouldn't see joy- but instead a version of Quasimodo.  I didn't feel worthy of her even knowing I was there.  No pictures.

pictures of Hailey

Needless to say, my precious girl has a beautiful smile.  By the time she was 3 months old I had recovered about 70% function.   I still shied from the camera. I was still big- gosh darn it- I was 21!  I was supposed to walk out of the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans (HAHAHA).  Chris wrangled me to have a portrait taken when she was about 7 weeks old.  I didn't look at the camera- I looked at her; my little piece of perfect.

Hailey 7 weekspro_2(photo credit Unforgettable Images 2006)

I look back now, and I desperately regret it.  The image we had done at 7 weeks is a treasure to me, but unlike her siblings, there is no belly picture she will have to compare hers to when she has babies someday.  There are no newborn pictures beyond me staring solemnly into the camera at the hospital.  None to show her my elation with her presence in our life.  I promised myself to never do that again.  If Bells Palsy strikes again, I'm still having pictures done.  I wish I had known that there are photographers out there who could have hidden what I was so embarrassed and shameful of.  That they know how to choose angles that would have flattered my new, fuller shape.

I'm bigger than I want to be.  My belly is soft, my arms jiggle when I wave, I've got junk in my trunk, "muffins" in my hips.  It's a far cry from the nearly  6 pack I had 10 years ago, but I'm thankful for recognizing the importance of the images I'm in now.  I'm thankful I met a wonderful photographer before Noah was born who blessed me with gorgeous images of him in my belly.  We have pictures for Noah, Teagan, and Sam.  We hired professionals for their belly pictures and births.  We have wonderful glimpses into our family in each phase of growth.  It's worth it to me.   I wish we did it more.


Samnmommy(Photo Credit: Stacey Potter Photography)

I still relapse. I still hide from the camera.  I still delete pictures taken by my awesome husband.  I'm not always comfortable in photos, and more often than not, candid images make me feel horrendous about myself.  I don't believe the nice things people might say, and I'm far too critical of that double chin I see when I smile too hard.

Then I hear things like this:

"She's raising kids who's definition of beauty begins with the word "mom" because they see her heart and not her skin" -- Shane Koyczan.  So I try.

I want you to know you aren't alone feeling intimidated getting in front of the camera.  I want you to know that you aren't alone in feeling that you aren't pretty/thin/good enough for pictures.

The one thing I know for absolutely certain?

You. are. lovely.

Even if you can't see it, the rest of us can.  Let it be captured.  Hire a professional who will help you feel as beautiful as we see you are. You aren't going to look this way forever, and you can't come back to it.  Someone who loves you is going to treasure it.

If you are looking for a photographer in the Denver area, Contact me! I would love to meet you.



Ellie {11 days new} | Denver Newborn Photographer

I've grown to appreciate when newborns are alert.  They are studying their world for the very first time, and the depth of their wonder is unfathomable.  They way they look into the faces of their parents, discovering the bodies that come with the comforting voices they have known as long as they could hear.  Sleeping is gorgeous and special, yes, but the awakenings are gorgeous too.  They aren't always awkward and crosseyed.  If you wait, hold your breath for a moment, and watch, they will give you a glimpse of heaven.

Denver Newborn Baby photographer

Denver Newborn Infant photography

Stapleton Newborn Photographer

I'm spoiled to have such stunning newborns that I am blessed to photograph.



35 Weeks | Denver Maternity Photographer

These are from way back in  way back in October! We were just certain that after weeks of premature labor we had better make sure we got maternity photos done for Esther quickly, or little miss might make her entrance before we had a chance to.  Guess what that sweet little stinker did.  She hung out in there until 41 weeks!  Such a tease.  But so worth the wait.

Stapleton Maternity Photographer

I've decided Esther had probably the most adorable baby bump ever.  Chris is so in love with both of them.  They drove down to Stapleton area in Denver from Fort Collins for their Maternity session.

Denver Maternity Photographer

And of course we had to do a silly one.

Denver Bump Photographer



{C Family} | Denver Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

Lifestyle photography may be my new favorite thing to do.  It was neat to be with a family and just capture them... being.

Now that their newest little addition has arrived, I wanted to share the maternity session.  Birth photography images are still to come- He is coming home today and we are going to get some special images of his siblings meeting him for the first time.

I have been so blessed to know this family!

Denver Lifestyle Family Photographer

Denver Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

Lowry Lifestyle Photographer



The Birth of Trinity | Denver Birth Photographer

I've known Ashley since middle school.  I don't think either of us imagined ourselves with 4 children when we were growing up.  Funny how God can shake things up like that.  I would consider us particularly blessed mommies.

When Ashley asked me to photograph the birth of their fourth (their first girl!) I about cried.  It's an honor to photograph any birth, but an extra special honor when it is someone you have known for the better portion of your life.

I woke up the morning Trinity was born with a text on my phone that they were headed to the hospital.  I somehow had missed it a few hours earlier and was just certain that I had missed her birth.  Fortunately when I called Jeremy he reassured me that I hadn't missed anything- but that the little princess had slowed things down a bit.  So off I went to be at the hospital with them, praying the whole way that she would wait for me.  I arrived around 11 in the morning, with nothing much happening.  Ashley was having some inconsistent contractions and had been sitting at 5cm for a couple of hours.  So we walked.  We talked.  She was quiet and beautifully focused through the contractions she did have.

1pm rolled around, and the nurse suggested that they monitor the little one for a little while before Ashley walk around some more.  They decided to check her.  Still 5cm.  A few minutes passed, and a hardcore contraction hit her.  Another a few minutes later.  At 1:12 she had another and told her husband she wanted drugs.  Get the epidural.  He left the room and told the nurse.  As he was walking in at 1:15 she told him she had pressure to push- he pushed the page button and she shouted at the nurse that her body was pushing.  The nurse came in with a mild smirk on her face... pushing... ha- she was 5cm 15 minutes ago.  Checks and there is a baby crowning!  Hits a red button- "I need everyone NOW!  We are having a baby!"  3-5 people came flying into the room, all while Ashley isn't pushing but Trinity has decided she is making her entrance.  At 1:22 the doctor came in just in time to see her feet be born, and Ashley had her precious baby girl in her arms.

I shook so hard for a good hour after that 22 minutes.  5 contractions.  FIVE.

Denver Birth PhotographerAnd then pure joy.  Tears from meeting the princess they had awaited so anxiously. Bursts of laughter, and studying her newness.

Colorado Birth Photographer

Welcome to the world princess T.  Your mommy and daddy and 3 brothers have waited a long time to meet you.  I am so honored to know you both Jeremy and Ashley.  Thank you for allowing me to share the story of this special, special day.

Trinity Parr Birth from Kimberly Rodgers on Vimeo.



{Noah, 2 weeks} | Fort Collins Newborn Photographer

You know how people say that babies don't smile when they are brand new?  I think they are crazy.  While they may not look at their mommy and daddy and smile with intention, I think they certainly smile when they feel safe, comforted, and have dreams of those things.  I mean- does that look like GAS to you?  I think he's thinking about his amazing mommy who loves him to bits and pieces.  And that daddy who adores him and would do anything for him.

Fort Collins Newborn Photographer

Congratulations Chloe and Ryan.  He is a beautiful, wonderful blessing!



{Good Family} | Stapleton Family Photographer

I know I have said it many times before, but it is an honor to be part of a family's birth story.  It's a bonding experience, and one that very very few people in their life get to take part in.  That said, my birth families have a extremely special place in my heart.   Do you remember just after Thanksgiving when this little guy made his way into the world?  They are one of the most wonderful families I have ever been blessed to know.  They love each other desperately.  Every moment they are teaching their kids. Heck, Daddy willingly took several mosquito bites just to show how they went about getting blood from the body.

They have grown so much- time just goes way too fast for my liking.  I giggled the entire time I edited these- how fun is it that they all made funny faces?  Even baby brother got in on the funny face action!

Stapleton Family Photographer

I love them all.  And they are moving.  I am so sad- but hopeful that we will be able to still see each other now and then.


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Little Mister Christopher {5 days new} | Denver Newborn Photographer

We had a beautiful Mother's day yesterday.  The kids were so excited it was mothers day that they were up by 6:30.  Then they (Daddy) made me breakfast in bed!  The eggs even were in a smiley face.  They each gave me a card.  What I love about the cards is that my husband, Chris, lets them choose WHATEVER card they want.  From any section at all.  It makes it that much more special- and we laugh the whole time we open them because they are never from the section they "should" be from.  Hailey got a card that was a happy birthday to a sister (It had two lovely teddy bears hugging on the front), Noah picked an anniversary card with two monkeys that were hugging, and Teagan picked a card that was from a mother to her son.  I just laugh- we always date the back and put the occasion they picked.  It's unique and I love the way my husband thinks.  He gives them the freedom to choose, and they come back with things that fit for them. Then we got to spend the day enjoying the amazing weather.  I don't know that we spent more than 10 minutes inside before it was dark.

I have so enjoyed my time with this wonderful family.  Their new little man is so sweet, and so alert!  He made me work, but I loved every minute of it.  We got to try some new things too- I'm so excited.  Doing this session helped me to officially decide to expand my education.  This fall I am going to spend a weekend learning how to do newborns even better.  It's going to be fantastic!


I just love them

Denver Newborn Photographer

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Redmond Birth 2011 | Denver Birth Photography

I know I say it a lot, but I love my job.  I love that I am chosen, from so many talented photographers, to share people's lives.  There is no higher honor than that.  I love that the people I shoot let me be a part of their family for a few hours of their life.

Remember the gorgeous maternity's from March?  Well the little guy decided he didn't want to turn over!  That's right- he decided to be breech.  The difficult decision was made to schedule a c-section for his arrival, since he had zero intention of flipping over.  The hospital has a strict 1-person-only policy for c-sections, so both of us were worried that the birth wouldn't be captured the way we had hoped.  So Nicole asked her doctor and the hospital if I could be in the room.  What's the worst they could say?  We didn't even know for certain what the answer was until just minutes before the surgery- I think that the anesthesiologist was worried that I wouldn't be considerate of a medical procedure. (Note to photographers- make sure you let medical staff know that you will stay out of the way and only in the spaces they designate as appropriate.  It goes a REALLY long way to be respectful)

With C-Sections, everything moves pretty quickly.  It's really amazing to watch.  And then.... They arrive.  I have a mask on to hide my tears.  Babies coming in to the world... I can't help but be overjoyed.  Especially for families whom I have grown to know and love.  Daddy's first glimpse, Mommy's.  Together those first moments- I wish I had adequate words.


When everything settled down, big brother got to meet baby brother.  When they are so little- like mine, these two kiddos are a little less than 2 years apart- the older kids don't know what to think of Mommy being strapped in to a bed.  I'm sure all of those cords are scary.

Denver Birth Photographer

Oh- and you were SERIOUS about a baby in your tummy?  WHAAAAT do you mean we get to keep him?

Stapleton Birth Photographer

Then love.

The slideshow contains images from a real medical procedure.  Please use discretion when viewing.

Redmond Birth 2011 from Kimberly Rodgers on Vimeo.

Welcome to the world little one.  We are all so glad you are here.  Congratulations Redmond family!  Nicole, you are so brave and strong.

I am so honored to have been part of your day.  Thank you again and again.



{Baby G} | Denver Birth Photographer

I'm not always great at expressing an experience in writing.   I can tell you though, that I have been more blessed by knowing this beautiful family in the last several weeks than I could have known.  The first time we talked on the phone it became a 20 minute conversation about how much we love our kids.  They are the kind of family that love each other so much that it makes you want to adopt a child, the kind of family that reminds you that love isn't decided on by the blood you share- but the bonds you share. I have always wanted to attend a scheduled c-section, but have always assumed that it would be a very stiff and sterile environment- different from the births I have attended in the past.  I was very mistaken.  There was so much joy in the room, such warmth- just like any other birth.  Smiles, anticipation, and tears.  The only difference is we knew what time this little one would arrive!  It was amazing- and SO cool to see the procedure.  Coolest part?  Little one's gender was a surprise!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing day.  Thank you for letting me spend a couple of days with your beautiful family.  I am so very blessed to know you all.

Denver Birth Photographer

Please note: This slideshow contains photographs from an actual c-section. Please use discretion when viewing

Good Birth 2010 from Kimberly Rodgers on Vimeo.



Happy Birthday Amelia! | Denver Birth Photographer

I met Stacey by chance.  I was visiting a photography board, and there was a post from a photographer that needed a birth photographer.  I had only shot a couple of births previously- so the idea of shooting the birth of another photographer's baby was intimidating- but I sent her a message anyhow.  I figured that she would probably get lots of offers, but it didn't hurt to try!

Then she emailed.  Stacey was having a home birth.  I had never known anyone who had had a home birth.  More intimidation.  That sounded scary! I had had my first two babies in hospitals. But she told me about the light in their house.  And how beautiful it was to have her first at home, and it wasn't as scary to me anymore.  We decided to meet up- half hoping she would go into labor after we walked around.  I bring my camera everywhere.  Especially to places I know are pretty- like the Butterfly Pavilion.  And so I grabbed a few quick snaps of my daughter, her son, and her gorgeous belly.  I wish I had gotten more maternity style-- prettiest. belly. ever.

Denver Maternity Photographer

We emailed back and forth pretty much daily at that point- and I pretty much didn't sleep.  I kept checking my phone to make sure I didn't miss a text, call or email.  That was my worst fear- to sleep right through her birth!  I kept praying for daylight.  PLEASE let it be day.

A week passed- then I got an email.  "I'm contracting.  This might be it- I'll let you know".  Nervous butterflies.  I should be a midwife.  I love being at births.  Yes, there is a person in pain (been there, done that 3 times thankyouverymuch)- but it is a productive pain- a pain that brings the most amazing miracles into the world.  It's beautiful.  And amazing.  I love it.   Anyhow, I waited to hear from her again- I had an appointment with my midwife that morning, so I figured it would work out perfectly to go to the midwives office then head to see them.  When I talked to Stacey while I was at my appointment... I knew it was the real deal- she couldn't talk during contractions.

When I arrived Stacey looked gorgeous.  A woman in labor and stunning.  I was so jealous!  She had such a beautiful birth, and welcomed Amelia into the world at home.  In peace- with so much love.  It made me want to have home births.

Denver Birth Photographer

Perfect, alert, spectacular.  And I was there to capture it. IN COLOR!  Not a lot of births get to be in color.  The lights are usually too dim- so our photos- while beautiful, are grainy and grain is beautiful in black and white!

I was extra lucky and got to shoot some newborns of her as well!  She was so awake and aware of where her mommy went the whole time I was there.  Did I mention Perfect?  She  was and is!  And that picture of Stacey holding her to her tummy?  A WEEK after she had her!  You'd never know that she was ever pregnant.

Denver Newborn Photographer

Then it was my turn to add to our family.  And Stacey was there to capture Teagan's birth.  The photos are gorgeous- and I am so thankful she was there!

We got together just before Christmas... And here's that little princess almost 4 months old.  Couldn't you gobble her up??? I just could melt over all those rolls. Teagan was about 2 weeks old.  They were such different sizes- such a special picture of the two of them together.

Denver baby photographer

And now she's one.  Gorgeous, sweet, one.  I have been blessed to know you little miss Amelia!  Thank you Stacey for letting us be part of her first year.  She is a blessing as are you!

Denver Baby Photographer