Hi! I'm Kim. 

  • Connection is the secret to a happy life.
  • I buy sushi from the store and eat it in the car so I don’t have to share.
  • Memories are made by being present not just by giving presents. 
  • We are chasers of collective joy. I believe there's nothing like live performances.
  • Dancing obnoxiously through Target is a weekly occurrence (embarrassing my kids is a bonus)
  • I believe in telling people every day that they are loved and wanted. 
  • Answering questions in song is totally normal. Life is my musical. 
  • I believe in early mornings. Hot cups of coffee, and uninterrupted adult conversation.
  • There will always be dishes in the sink and a little dust on my shelves, as long as there are kiddos to snuggle in my arms.
  • I will never get tired of watching a good chick flick.
  • I exercise for dessert.  (reasons why I'm fluffy)
  • Homemade bread, camembert cheese, and sipping from our wine collection make close friends into best ones. 
  • We have 5 kids, 2 dogs, 2 birds, yes, our house is busy, crazy, exhausting, and SO fun.  I believe full hands make full hearts.


What I believe about your session

I believe taking pictures should be fun and comfortable. Putting on stiff clothes, waiting in line at a box studio-  your kids getting antsy and your baby getting hungry and tired, while you cross your fingers and pray everyone cooperates for the moment, as you're rushed  and pressured through your 10 minute photo session is not my idea of fun.

Photography shouldn't be painful, your spouse shouldn't hate it, your kids shouldn't dread it... You shouldn't be stressed about them hating it and dreading it. People look their best when they are relaxed, at ease, and given the time they need to play through their session.

If you are hoping for playful, connected photos that speak to the love and uniqueness of your family, I am the photographer for you. I will never ask you to be anything more than yourselves. You will spend our session playing, laughing, and cuddling your family in a relaxed environment, while I create images for your family to treasure for generations. If I am capturing your newborn, we will meet in the comfort of your own home. Your family is lovely in this season.  This moment.  My job is to help you remember it.

I've been a photographer for nearly a decade, and have spent time with numerous families. I remember their faces, their names, and I do my best to remember birthdays.  They become family, and you will too.

Contact me!

970.227.4927 or kim@brinkstreetphotography.com