Birth.  Nothing is the same from here. Be it your first, your fifth, your last baby, life changes completely when your little one arrives.  Your heart is filled in a way you didn't know it was empty.  

Birth Photography is real. It’s powerful. It’s emotional. It’s a promise you’ll remember this miracle forever. A birth in a hospital, at a birthing center, a homebirth, a c-section – no matter where or how you give birth, the memories of that day will be the most compelling and precious memories you’ll ever have, but they can get lost in the fog of labor and emotion. What did you look like as you saw your newborn for the first time? How did your baby look in the instant he was born? Who was in the room? Who smiled? Who cried? Never forget this day. Make sure your baby’s very first photo session is incredible. 

Your baby’s birth story is a sacred and rare event. After working in this industry for several years, I know the importance of having reliable backup photographers on call in the event that I become ill, get caught in a storm, have multiple clients in labor, or encounter an urgent life event. Because life is beautifully messy, because birth is unpredictable, and because I want my clients to have ultimate peace of mind and confidence throughout pregnancy, I’ve partnered up with one of Denver’s most talented and beloved birth photographers. Together we’re able to provide you with the most dependable and beautiful coverage of your baby’s birthday. Please explore our work and inquire at See you over there!


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Please explore our work and inquire at See you over there!