Here is the first of what I hope to be many Embrace sessions.  In a world where marriage has become something dangerous and risky, where the failure rate is just as high if not higher than the success rate, I want to embrace love.  Love continues after the butterflies die down and babies bring sleepless nights.  Love and friendship grow deeper with time.  They change, deepen, mature.  It's beautiful. Embrace sessions are for couples who want a special session to capture their love.  Like an engagement session for the already-married.  If you are interested in an embrace session, please contact me!


I don't think I have giggled as much as I did with Kristen and Brett.  They have known each other since they were teens- and their friendship shows.  We even had an encounter with loose cattle at our session.  Fortunately the grass was more interesting to the cows than we were.  Kristen... You are stunning.  STUNNING.  Here are just a few from our session.  More to come soon!!

Embrace Couple Session