There is something amazingly special about capturing portraits of an old friend.  It had been 8 years since we had seen each other- and I think we both were a little nervous we wouldn't recognize one another.  We did though- and aside from slightly different hair styles neither had changed much (She's still as gorgeous as ever!!).  It was neat to be able to talk about how well people are doing who we both know and grew up with- and to so easily converse.  Brittany flew in from Minnesota for our session, and I am so very glad that she did!  We debated a couple of weekends, and this one couldn't have been a better one- for several reasons.

I had to put up this post tonight, because by tomorrow evening... Her belly will be gone and she will be holding her brand new baby boy in her arms.  Congratulations Brittany.  Here's to a beautiful, fast, problem free delivery- and to not letting 8 years pass between visits again!

Denver Maternity Photographer