My kids grow too fast.  I see them every day, and yet they are reaching milestones all too quickly, and all I can see sometimes is that before I know it they won't be little anymore.  Embracing every moment is so important to me.  You can imagine if I see my kids every  day and they are growing too fast, how very quickly little ones who I only see once a year, or every few months, grow. Jonas just turned 2.  He was just a peanut when he was born, and it was amazing how much he had grown when he turned one.  Now he's TWO!  He's gorgeous and I absolutely loved spending some time with him again.  He loved roaring at me like a dinosaur (One of my favorite games with little boys who are shy....) and discovering the world around him.

I'm so excited for the next time we see each other!

Littleton Family Photographer