I'm still here!  Brink Street Photography is still alive and kicking (and still booking!)


Oye.  Time flies when you're having fun, right?  I can't believe how I've neglected my poor blog.  We've had a very very busy beginning of the year.  We are expecting #4 any day now. I'm 38 weeks today. That's me and out little one up there!

Our family (the whole big family) made the decision after several difficult months and a lot of praying that it was time to move my grandmother (the one who lived with us) to a nursing home.  Her needs were becoming greater than we could offer on our own, and we want her safety to be the first priority.  She moved last month and is settling in beautifully.  We miss having her in the day to day, but we get to go see her a few times a week.  Talk about a lot of change, right?  We also bought a van to fit the new size of our crew, and will be moving before the end of the summer.  Don't worry though!  We will still be in the Denver area.

I have a TON of sessions to share with you- and then before we know it I will be gushing over our new arrival.  I can't wait to dive into sharing images.  Posts will be coming up every few days.

Years go too fast.  I really feel like I just did Mister Carter's newborn photos just a few days ago, and here he is One year old!  Aren't his little eyes stunning??

Denver Birthday Photographer

Denver Family Photographer