I can't believe nearly a month has passed since my last blog post.  We have had a crazy month and it seems like my head is finally slowing its spin.  For those who don't know, we take care of my Grandmother.  She is nearly 87!  On April 29th she had a heart attack.  By the grace of God, she is recovering very well, but it has been one heck of an adjustment since her coming home.  We are just thankful that we are with her and were able to get her medical treatment before it was too late. Doctor's appointments, Therapists, Nurse Visits, and old friends have kept our household bustling.  Being home constantly has given us a chance to take lots of snapshots of the little details of our life.  Teagan is sitting up on her own now, and this new perspective has her wheels turning.  You can see that now she thinks she wants to get moving- and crawling will come before we know it.  She is such a joy and so full of personality.  She can't resist an opportunity to brighten someone's day with her precious 5 1/2 month old smile.  She is my little chubba- Rolls everywhere!  Hailey and Noah were chubby, but never had so many rolls.

Blog Teagan

Noah is our busy boy.  100mph or sleeping (Sometimes in the funniest places), he keeps us on our toes.  He is actively potty training- so all of our visitors have gotten to witness shameless acts of streaking as he bolts for the potty.  He is at the age that is far too busy to take the time to look at the camera unless we are slinging mud at a window or trying to scare Mommy as "Dino Noah".  He lights up our life.  Noah is our pistol.  Our energy.  Our chatterbox. His sister's defender, best friend and worst enemy.  If they aren't fighting, they are holding hands and hugging.  He adores his baby sister and wants so desperately to carry her around.  We have had a few instances that we have to stop him as he attempts to lift her off the floor by her legs.  He makes each day interesting and exciting- and while it can be tiring- it is wonderful and I am thankful to have such a smart, healthy little boy.

Noah Blog

Then there is Hailey.  A princess to the core, during playtime we have to address her as such.  "Princess Hailey"- and if she is playing the role of mommy, it is "Mommy Princess Hailey".  She is full of questions- most that she is too young to ask.  She is a little mommy, and glued to her baby sister's side.  She loves being a helper and tries all too often to carry Teagan and change her diapers.  She is a daddy's girl, and about half way through the workday will start asking if she can watch for him to come home.  She wants to go to school as long as I come with her.  She is amazing and has a beautiful and caring heart.  She doesn't know a stranger in the world, and if you aren't careful when we bump into you at the store- she may very well share her life's story with you as we wait in the check out line.  At 4 she already has a heart for service and asks how we can help others.  It melts my heart.

Hailey Blog We are beyond blessed to have such amazing children.  We are blessed to spend time with their great grandmother- they are given more gifts from their time with her than they could ever hold in their  hands.  We are blessed to be at home, blessed to have each other, blessed to have time together, blessed to know that the most solid thing we have is family.