I've known Ashley since middle school.  I don't think either of us imagined ourselves with 4 children when we were growing up.  Funny how God can shake things up like that.  I would consider us particularly blessed mommies.

When Ashley asked me to photograph the birth of their fourth (their first girl!) I about cried.  It's an honor to photograph any birth, but an extra special honor when it is someone you have known for the better portion of your life.

I woke up the morning Trinity was born with a text on my phone that they were headed to the hospital.  I somehow had missed it a few hours earlier and was just certain that I had missed her birth.  Fortunately when I called Jeremy he reassured me that I hadn't missed anything- but that the little princess had slowed things down a bit.  So off I went to be at the hospital with them, praying the whole way that she would wait for me.  I arrived around 11 in the morning, with nothing much happening.  Ashley was having some inconsistent contractions and had been sitting at 5cm for a couple of hours.  So we walked.  We talked.  She was quiet and beautifully focused through the contractions she did have.

1pm rolled around, and the nurse suggested that they monitor the little one for a little while before Ashley walk around some more.  They decided to check her.  Still 5cm.  A few minutes passed, and a hardcore contraction hit her.  Another a few minutes later.  At 1:12 she had another and told her husband she wanted drugs.  Get the epidural.  He left the room and told the nurse.  As he was walking in at 1:15 she told him she had pressure to push- he pushed the page button and she shouted at the nurse that her body was pushing.  The nurse came in with a mild smirk on her face... pushing... ha- she was 5cm 15 minutes ago.  Checks and there is a baby crowning!  Hits a red button- "I need everyone NOW!  We are having a baby!"  3-5 people came flying into the room, all while Ashley isn't pushing but Trinity has decided she is making her entrance.  At 1:22 the doctor came in just in time to see her feet be born, and Ashley had her precious baby girl in her arms.

I shook so hard for a good hour after that 22 minutes.  5 contractions.  FIVE.

Denver Birth PhotographerAnd then pure joy.  Tears from meeting the princess they had awaited so anxiously. Bursts of laughter, and studying her newness.

Colorado Birth Photographer

Welcome to the world princess T.  Your mommy and daddy and 3 brothers have waited a long time to meet you.  I am so honored to know you both Jeremy and Ashley.  Thank you for allowing me to share the story of this special, special day.

Trinity Parr Birth from Kimberly Rodgers on Vimeo.