We had a beautiful Mother's day yesterday.  The kids were so excited it was mothers day that they were up by 6:30.  Then they (Daddy) made me breakfast in bed!  The eggs even were in a smiley face.  They each gave me a card.  What I love about the cards is that my husband, Chris, lets them choose WHATEVER card they want.  From any section at all.  It makes it that much more special- and we laugh the whole time we open them because they are never from the section they "should" be from.  Hailey got a card that was a happy birthday to a sister (It had two lovely teddy bears hugging on the front), Noah picked an anniversary card with two monkeys that were hugging, and Teagan picked a card that was from a mother to her son.  I just laugh- we always date the back and put the occasion they picked.  It's unique and I love the way my husband thinks.  He gives them the freedom to choose, and they come back with things that fit for them. Then we got to spend the day enjoying the amazing weather.  I don't know that we spent more than 10 minutes inside before it was dark.

I have so enjoyed my time with this wonderful family.  Their new little man is so sweet, and so alert!  He made me work, but I loved every minute of it.  We got to try some new things too- I'm so excited.  Doing this session helped me to officially decide to expand my education.  This fall I am going to spend a weekend learning how to do newborns even better.  It's going to be fantastic!


I just love them

Denver Newborn Photographer

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